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Electricity Distribution Master Planning

EMCON conceptualised and developed the original Rural Electricity Distribution Master Plan for Namibia, taking an integrated approach to consider both grid and off-grid solutions for rural electrification. The Master Plan was promulgated for implementation in 2000, and provided an objective tool to form the backbone of and steer strategies for the future development of the Electricity Supply Industry. Updates are required on a 5-yearly basis, to assess the level of achievements and progress made, and provide a further planning framework of where and when electrical infrastructure needs to be created. We were re-appointed to develop the updated Master Plan of 2010.

Our master planning approach includes dynamic software-based planning tools to enable utilities and infrastructure planners to re-evaluate electrification programmes as circumstances and priorities change. It allows for scenario analyses to be conducted at any time. Updates on a continuous basis are therefore possible and ensures that the Master Plan always remain current. A computerised priority model enables the objective ranking of electrification projects based on electricity demand and costs. This ensures a systematic and objective method that determines the most effective electrification sequence, to expand and develop networks in order of their relative priorities. The tool is completely automated.

Urban Master Planning Studies in addition require the evaluation of priorities for the development of electrification programmes based on financial and socio-economic factors.

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