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Data Gathering, Inventories & Asset Valuation

EMCON has over 15 years experience in the valuation of electrical distribution and transmission system assets, asset surveying, data gathering and asset inventory creation. We have to date valued over 30,000 km Medium Voltage (MV) Lines, 20,000 km Low Voltage (LV) Lines, 8,000 distribution transformer points, and 70,000 consumer connections, with a total modern equivalent value of over USD 1.8 billion. Clients include NamPower, NORED, CENORED, City of Windhoek, and Oshakati Premier Electric (OPE). Our services include surveying of assets, creation of asset registers and inventories, valuation of assets, and reporting.

We are fully conversant with the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) where we are the industry leaders in terms of IFRS asset valuations in the Namibian Electricity Supply Industry (ESI). To ensure an accurate and comprehensive process, we have developed in-house methodologies and tools, including a valuation software program NENA (Namibian Electrical Network Assets Register). NENA is a technical database designed as a flexible tool for handling a wide variety of electrical assets. It is fully IFRS compliant, and provides a systematic approach to costing by defining common asset categories and assigning unit values to asset types within these categories. These values represent total costs and include all material, transport, labour and engineering fees associated with the installation and commissioning of specified electrical asset types. NENA was adopted by the ECB (Electricity Control Board) as the Namibian electrical distribution asset national asset register. The ECB updates the NENA unit values on an annual basis.

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