Metering, Meter Installations, Meter Audits and Electricity Vending

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EMCON has been conducting detailed meter surveys and audits since its inception. We have to date audited over 17,000 revenue meters, ranging from domestic to large power user installations, both conventional and prepaid meter types.

We endeavour to stay up to date with the latest meter testing and auditing technologies, and have developed field-to-office methodologies to enable electronic capturing of relevant metering data, data quality checking and portability. Our services also include design, engineering and supervision of metering installations, including Automatic Meter Reading installations (AMR).

Complementing our engineering services, our sister company, netVend Namibia, specializes in electricity vending solutions. netVend offers a Web-based Revenue Management and Vending solution, that manages the financial switching of funds, the distribution of top-up vouchers and meter related information, thereby addressing both the commercial and technical needs of an entity. Unlike other system, it integrates both the management and vending functionality into one complete innovative database. Moreover, netVend has sourced the best possible ways to control the cash flow at vending points for body corporates, utilities, tenants in granny flats or houses and tenants in commercial premises. It provides interconnectivity to all major banking institutions and cellphone networks in Namibia.