Agricultural and Horticultural Services

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EMCON offers detailed agricultural and horticultural planning and design services for fresh product producers and line Ministries. These services include:

  • mapping of the initial farming area, soil and vegetation
  • geographical systems and mapping (GIS)
  • technical engineering related to irrigation services (e.g. pump stations), control and remote control systems, and monitoring (i.e. measuring) systems
  • farm management and planning, and
  • detailed planning and designs on fertigation and fertigation automated control systems.

We have expertise and local experience with detailed greenhouse planning and implementation, humidification and temperature control systems, as well as growing systems applicable to intensive farming methods. In addition, we have more than 10 years experience in intensive farming systems under protection in the local environment, and visited Israel, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa to familiarise ourselves with international best practise.