Renewable Projects

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Tsumkwe Energy 100kW Solar Farm

Client: Nampower/DRFN

Included design and supervision of a 100kW Solar farm, 2 synchronized diesel generators, control systems and upgrading of the distribution grid for Tsumkwe’s energy supply. The project also included the rollout of energy efficiency measure such as solar water heaters and LP gas to the community.

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Grid Connected Wind Turbine (Namibia)

Client: ErongoRED

The pilot 220kW refurbished wind energy converter was the first grid-connected wind turbine in Namibia, as well as the first distributed generation run by a Local Authority. Project components include wind resource assessment, business plan, generation license application, Environmental Impact Assessment, Quality of Supply measurements, technical design for wind turbine to be supplied, tendering and contracting. The project achieved to build capacity in Namibia and regionally in terms of research and wind data analysis, operations and maintenance, regulatory compliance and financial assessment

Gobabeb solar panels
  • Gobabeb solar panels
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Gobabeb PV Diesel Hybrid System For Mini-Grid Supp

Client: DRFN

The project specifications were for a hybrid system based on a three phase mini-grid, with 26kWpeak solar PV, 200kWh battery storage, 30kW power converter size and the two existing diesel generators. Detailed power transfer and dynamic characteristics were specified.

school of medicine
  • school of medicine

School of Medicine Pool and Domestic Water heating

Client: University of Namibia

A water heating system that provides 2,000 MJ of heating per day to heat a 25m indoor Olympic swimming pool and to provide domestic hot water for a gymnasium, by means of rooftop solar thermal collectors and heat-pump boosting

resource centers
  • resource centers

Resource Centres 270kWp Grid Connected PV system

Client: Millennium Challenge Account Namibia

Upon completion this system was the biggest grid connected system in Namibia and supplied enough power to cover the base load of the Resource centres with excess being fed into the local grids . Emcon was responsible for the design, tender documentation, supervision and contract management on the project.